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About the Author

Eleanor Strata had been writing and stapling her own books since she was seven-years-old. As she studied Engineering at the University of the Philippines and moved on to work in different industries—she incurred growing up amnesia (when you grow up too fast and forget the things that matter). It may have taken her almost two decades to remember how much she loved to write. But she is ever grateful for the additional years’ worth of stories for her to tell.

Eleanor is a sucker for complicated relationships, crazy best friends, edgy 80s and 90s music, and trendy hairstyles. Like Tanya Tolentino, she believes that hairstyles are a powerful form of self-expression and escape. Eleanor had tried many right and wrong hairstyles for herself. She knows how they could be fun, how they could be disastrous, and how on certain occasions, they could hold a deeper meaning.

Born and raised in the Philippines, she now lives in New Jersey with her husband, her son, and their two soft cats.